Hair Care for Great Hair

You could say that we have a slight obsession with all things healthy hair and are firm believers that, “with great care, comes great hair”.

Where does the health of the hair even start? With so many options on the market it can be intimidating knowing where to start when wanting to improve the health of your hair. That’s where we step in — education is power, it is our passion!

While we always recommend a well-balanced diet – be sure to drink lots of water and eat your leafy greens – they are packed full of nutrients that help our hair, mind and body stay in optimal health.

Alright, you’re eating well, but your hair isn’t quite where you want it…what’s next?
Aside from what you EAT…healthy hair starts at the scalp!

At Exhale…A Salon we have chosen luxury products and brands that work to nourish hair from the  inside out,  getting to the root of any challenge.

Keune’s Care Line has an essential mineral complex that is made up of five important minerals that work together to treat the hair and nourish the scalp.
These minerals are:

  • Zinc: an antioxidant that stimulates the development of new cells
  • Copper: promotes hair growth by boosting the formation bonds
  • Silicium: plays a huge role during the formation of collagen and connective tissues that make up hair
  • Iron: vital for protein formation and acts as a carrier of oxygen throughout the body, energizing the scalp making hair glossy
  • Magnesium: sustains energy production and ensure a healthy mineral balance


The hair and scalp can absorb only a small amount of minerals at a time. Results will only show after repeated and continual use. Rest assured, patience will be rewarded with beautiful, healthy hair.

Curious about the new Care Line or any of our other products for maintaining and repairing the health of the hair? Book [link to booking page] your next appointment and we can help get you started on your healthy hair journey.

As always we continue to grow as a team and as stylists perfecting our craft in the pursuit of hair happiness. We host classes in the salon through out the year and owner Debby Sprankle travels to the Keune Academy in GA to take classes from some of the best in the industry. You are never too old to recreate yourself; and never stop learning!

Debby with George Alderette – Keune North America Creative Ambassador and Global hair color educator – George is the color KING!


Phillip Wilson – international creative director for ColorProof and Debby at a ColorProof furthering education class; this man is full of knowledge and talent!
Debby at the Keune advanced academy with one of the best in the industry Roy Peters and Genie B of Grateful Head Salon